With win #20, Hunter hiring beyond doubt

If there were ever any doubters as to whether Coach Ron Hunter was the man to hire, they should be kicking themselves right now because, at 20 wins, Hunter has more than proved himself.

In fact, he’s completely changed the game at Georgia State.

With just a few short months using players left scratching their heads from Rod Barnes stint as head coach (who was fired  just under a year ago), Hunter has managed to completely change the face of Georgia State Men’s Basketball team. So profoundly, in fact, the term revolution comes to mind. Yes, the Hunter Revolution has a nice ring to it.

But he’s not the one to take credit for the team’s win, which is part of what makes him so great.

“I felt like the past week and a half I put so much pressure on myself and the team to get it,” Hunter said. “To be able to get it, when it’s only happened three times, and you walk in and get it done. It’s a credit to the assistants and the players.” – AJC

In the same story, Hunter also speaks about the sacrifices he’s made to coach the team — including the difficult decision to leave behind his family for the year. However, Hunter says he feels justified with the win. And he should.

More important that anything else, in his brief time as coach, he’s given both students and players a taste of what it’s like to win — and we’re thirsty for more.

Anyone whose been to a game recently knows about the fervor about which I speak. From Huntersville to the standing student section alone, Hunter’s enthusiastic coaching style and the team’s many successes have brought out a new wave of fans unlike anything seen in recent years.

And, although only ranked 6th for the Colonial Athletic Association tournament, don’t read too much into Georgia State’s standing.

First, with teams like Drexel, George Mason and VCU, the CAA is probably the most premier and competitive mid-major conference. In fact, I’d be surprised if two teams from the CAA don’t make it to the NCAA tournament. Anything else would be a damned shame.

Second, not wanting to go too far down this reasoning, a few slight adjustments in a few key moments in a few close games versus conference rivals could have easily placed Georgia State at the top of the charts.

So, given all those facts, Georgia State definitely has a shot at the CAA tournament and maybe even farther. And, if not this year, next year for sure as Hunter begins to pick and recruit players for his own roster.

Either way, Coach Hunter has proven himself beyond a doubt. And I, for one, look forward he can continue to bring to the table.


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