Twitter Just Got a Lot More Customer Service Friendly

Twitter has been on a roll recently and one of their latest features that hasn’t gotten many headlines relates to their customer service efforts.

Did you know that more than 80% of customer service requests on social come through via tweets? And the total number of Twitter customer service requests has increased by 2.5x since 2013?

That’s because often Twitter can garner a quicker response than other platforms, but dealing with sometimes tricky and irate customers in such a public forum also has its risks.

Enter Twitter’s new way to start a DM, which makes it easier than ever for brands to take potentially troublesome conversations offline quickly. Basically, it creates a button at the end of a reply that initiates a new conversation. Sounds simple, but brands like Hyatt and Kaiser Permanente are already seeing results with it.

What’s more is that Twitter has also created a new feature called Customer Feedback that allows people to privately rate their private interactions with a brand, which allows additional measurement to how well these companies are doing.

Just a heads up for the next time you want to complain about your jerk of an insurance estimator. Or whatever. You get the point. It’s likely whoever responds will be graded on their performance of how well they address your needs, making brand customer service responses on Twitter even more important.

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