Trayvon capitol protest live-blog

Protestors against Georgia’s “stand your ground” law rallied at the state capitol Monday night following Florida police’s decision last month not to charge the killer of Trayvon Martin based on a similar law.

5:30 : A large group of protestors, including many from Atlanta’s historically black colleges, just marched to the steps of the capitol shouting: “Justice! Now!”


5:38 : A preacher from the Episcopal Methodist Church prayed over the crowd.

6:00 :¬†Greg Street of Atlanta radio station V-103 introduced members of Spellman College’s Student Government Association and called for protestors to “stand up against ‘stand your ground’ ”

6:03 : The Spelman College student government president and vice-president just addressed the college students of the protest, providing a roll-call for Atlanta-area colleges and universities, including Georgia State.

6:20 : The Rev. Markel Hutchins: “We will not rest until Zimmerman is is jail.”

6:37 : A local law school student: ” ‘Stand your ground’ lets people get away with murder.”

7:06 : The crowd has begun to sing “We Shall Overcome.”

7:25 : Most of the protestors have begun to disperse. Some marched back to the Atlanta University Center campus while others left completely.


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