Should You Be Pitching Facebook Live?

So I’m willing bet money that at least one of the pages you follow hosted a “ Facebook Live” video sometime in the past week. Maybe you watched Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times talk Donald Trump yesterday, or maybe you watched the folks at Star 94 try to figure out what color socks one of their DJ’s was wearing.

Perhaps you got the notification right away via your phone, or maybe you logged in later and viewed the stream hours after it was taken. Regardless, the point is that Facebook is really pushing this new feature, and the engagement these videos draw is huge.

Of course, as it’s still a relatively new feature, many brands are using FB Live to varying effect. As the Times put it, “Live is all about interruption — sometimes annoying, sometimes welcome, always attention-grabbing. Media companies say they have been shocked by the amount of interest in their Live experiments, including a flurry of earnest comments and questions for live streamers.”

Yes, it can be spammy, but it can also be hugely successful at cutting through the noise without having to pony up ad dollars to get into users’ FB new feed. And for that, PR pros, it might be worth including in your next pitch if you have talent or an interesting visual concept. Just a thought.

Disagree? Want to tell me how you feel?

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