SGA to Sponsor Finals Study Hall

Members of the Student Government Association announced last Thursday the finalized hours for their late-night study hall program during the week of finals and encouraged students to attend.

Grace Lee, the SGA’s vice president of Student Services, said the popular program would again be hosted in the Freshman Dining Hall and would offer two additional nights over last year.

For the event series, Freshman Dining Hall will open at midnight and close at five a.m. on April 17-19 and April 24-26.

In response to some student’s safety concerns, university police will also offer escort services to students traveling to freshman hall from Library North when it closes at 2 a.m., two hours later than the library is normally open.

The hall will feature a version of the Library’s fifth floor quiet section in a designated glass-enclosed area. The SGA will also offer complimentary refreshments for students.

The university Office of the Provost’s financial support for the program was necessary to secure the two additional days compared to last year, Lee said. Georgia State University Housing and Panther Dining also supported the event series, according to Lee.

Over 1,300 students utilized the after-hours study session last semester, despite the fact that organizers only finalized the program a mere two weeks before opening, largely due to word of mouth promotion.

In contrast, the SGA is using social media, handouts and email blasts to advertise the event this year, according to Jarell Abrams, the SGA vice president of public relations. He said the SGA would kick off its awareness campaign in earnest April 16 by posting flyers in the Commons, Freshman Hall and Greek housing.

“We’re going to start mass promotion of them on Monday to get the word out in housing on every floor so that everyone has a good understanding on where it’s at, the time and things of that nature,” Abrams said.

More than 90 people have already confirmed their RSVP status via Facebook.

To handle the expected increase in students, Lee said that the SGA purchased surge protectors for additional outlet capacity for students with electronic devices.

During the final SGA Senate meeting of the semester, Lee called for individual senators to put out the word out to their friends and volunteer for the SGA’s table each night for the event series.

“I’m asking you all to sign up,” Lee said. “I just want to make sure that we’re all involved with this great event and that we can all advocate for it. So, at the end, if I can’t get enough people in the current Senate to sign up, I’m going to reach out to the Senate for next year.”

She said, even if senators could only sign up for a single 30-minute period, their help would be greatly appreciated.

“I think it looks better when we have a better presence, when we have at least two or three people staffed at the table,” Lee said.

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  1. I needed this like 4 yrs ago smh

  2. I’m more curious about the escort services that our beloved GSUPD will be providing.

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