Seeking Recommendations for a Better Journalism Program

As many of you know, I had a meeting with David Cheshier, the Communications Department chair, on Wednesday of this week.

Among the many things we talked about was the future of the Journalism Program at Georgia State, particularly whether creating a Journalism Department or School of Communications would be in the interests of the students in the program.

And both of these options are on the table given enough time and money, according to Dr. Cheshier.

However, on a more immediate timeframe, there is room for the Communications Department to take incremental steps to improve the Journalism Program at Georgia State. To get started with this, I’ve opened a dialogue with the department regarding a list of recommendations I intend to submit to Cheshier next week.

Together with the school newspaper, partners in the media, alumni and students, most importantly, we can start creating a better program at Georgia State.

If you have something you think would either improve the education of students in the Journalism Program or improve the stature of the department in general, please shoot me an email at or drop a comment below.


– Chris



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