Photo Album: Georgia State vs. Alabama (Oct. 5)

So I recently got the chance to attend the second matchup in Georgia State’s history against the University of Alabama, perhaps the most dominant team in all of college football.

It was a great game, marked by a few noteworthy plays on the Georgia State side of the ball, including a school record 53-yard field goal by kicker Wil Lutz. Anyway, I had a awesome view from the sideline and managed to get a few nice shots featured below in no particular order.

For the game, I shot with my Canon 6D and a rented 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L along with a T2i and 24-105 f/4 lens. Enjoy!


BamaVsGSU2ndHalf-CS (9 of 15)


BamaVsGSU-CS (16 of 32)


BamaVsGSU-CS (28 of 32)


BamaVsGSU-CS (31 of 32)


GSUvBAMA-WEB (3 of 1)

GSUvBAMA-WEB (3 of 1)-5



GSUvBAMA-WEB (3 of 1)


BamaVsGSU2ndHalf-CS (4 of 15)


GSUvBAMA-WEB (3 of 1)-2


GSUvBAMA-WEB (3 of 1)-3


GSUvBAMA-WEB (3 of 1)-6


GSUvBAMA-WEB (3 of 1)-7


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