Kell Hall construction to be completed by end of the year

Construction work involving the renovation and re-roofing of Kell Hall should be completed on time by the end of October, according to university officials.

An initial estimate by Chris Hughs, the assistant director for Facilities Design and Construction Services, said the $878,000 project might have been delayed until November or December of this year due to abatement issues with the removal of hazardous materials.

“The abatement contractor was taking more time than the schedule allowed, so we were concerned that he completed his work on time,” said Kim Bauer, the director of Facilities Design and Construction Services for Georgia State.

However, she says the project is now back on track for its original October completion date. “We have made up for the extra time he took and we are currently on schedule,” said Bauer.

Once completed, the project will replace the roof and refurbish the science labs within the building with new fume hoods and ventilation.

Hughs said although the building’s history as a parking garage has made the project interesting, it hasn’t necessarily been a factor in delaying the project.

“In order to make it a science building, they had to do some pretty creative things while incorporating some of the older designs,” said Hughs. “Kell Hall was just an adaption to have research labs.”

Although delayed, Hughs said the project was making progress and that workers will continue to work nights and weekends until it’s completed. Until then, students can expect to see the scaffolding outside the courtyard remain up, as it provides the easiest access to the  roof for workers, according to both Hughs and Bauer.

Victoria Wallace, a junior managerial science major, says she has noticed the construction over at Kell Hall but didn’t know what it was for until recently. However, she definitely believes the building is in need of renovation.

“Whatever they’re doing is probably for good reason,” Wallace added. “I view construction positively. Georgia State owns a lot of things so the more they work on it and keep it up to date the better.”

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