Instagram to Offer Analytics Support

Late last week, Instagram announced sweeping changes to both its app design and logo, prompting a range of criticism from users and fellow designers alike.

While the redesign wasn’t very well received by most, one upside is that it appears Instagram is also testing a forthcoming update that will include in-depth analytics software for business pages so that marketers can better keep track of their engagement trends. Similar to Facebook’s Insights platform, based on leaked screenshots, Instagram’s “Insights” platform will allow page managers to see:

  • Follower data, including age distribution, geographic distribution, gender distribution and follower activity by hour, among other points
  • Top posts within a specified period (seven or 30 days), sorted by impressions

Coming on the heels of their switch to an algorithmic vs. chronological timeline sorting method, this is a welcome surprise. Most immediately, it means we’ll be able to tell with a high-degree of certainty when content will perform the best and – over time – what types of content will garner the largest share of eyeballs. From an audience perspective, this tool also provides an opportunity to examine the interests of our followers and tailor our strategy choices accordingly.

They’re still testing Insights with select accounts but we should see Insights roll out sometime over the next month, according to reports, so keep your eyes out for any new updates!


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P.S. If you absolutely hate the new Instagram look (clearly I do, too…), you can apparently change the app link on your iPhone via this process if you like, for the time being.

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