Four Reasons the Students Deserve a Special SGA Election

Based on what The Signal has learned about the circumstances involving the former SGA presidential candidate Christian Hill’s disqualification and the subsequently scandalous election results, I’ve decided to write up a few reasons why I think the elections should be appealed and their results substituted in a special election.

Recently, there’s been a great deal of misinformation about what the Student Government Association’s constitution covers in cases like this and what it doesn’t, so some of these points are responsive to that. Don’t be confused, though; this is not meant to be authoritative, nor exhaustive. The Signal did a very good job this week reporting on this issue on its front page already.

So, without further adieu, here’s the down and dirty version:

1. The SGA constitution simply does not predict situations like this. Article Three, Section Four only applies to current officers, not their elected replacements. Neither Hill or Epperson were ever sworn in. Therefore, Epperson cannot inherit a position she’s not entitled to.

2. Hill should have been disqualified immediately after he was informed of his reduced disciplinary standing via the Dean of Students letter dated April 2, one day after elections opened. And, as the president and executive vice president positions are inherently tied together on the SGA’s current ticket system, Epperson should have been removed from the race, as well.

3. The Election Committee may never have decided on Epperson without her intervention — it’s now clear that she petitioned the Election Committee for the election to be called in her favor before the official results were announced and then tried to play it off as though she was as “surprised” as everyone else when the final ballots came in with her name at the top. Talk about transparency…

4. The students that voted could never have predicted the outcome of the election. Quite simply, “Epperson/Vacant” was not a choice on the ballot. As such, the voters deserve a special election for the two top jobs.

Thoughts? Do you disagree with me? Agree? Tell me why in the comments.

And if you’re interested in submitting an appeal (yes, you!) to the Student Judicial Board, feel free to DM me on Twitter.



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