Instagram to Offer Analytics Support

Late last week, Instagram announced sweeping changes to both its app design and logo, prompting a range of criticism from users and fellow designers alike.

Snapchat Hits Impressive Benchmark

Snapchat hit a major milestone this week by claiming a daily audience of more than 100 million people, who are watching more than 10 billion videos per day – up from 8 billion in February.

Should You Be Pitching Facebook Live?

So I’m willing bet money that at least one of the pages you follow hosted a “ Facebook Live” video sometime in the past week.

Making Instagram’s Algorithmic Filtering Work For You

Yes, Instagram has gone the way of Facebook — and even Twitter — to put an emphasis on quality content by recently changing the way posts appear in your stream. Abandoning a pure chronological timeline, Instagram will now work its magic to determine what content it thinks you’ll care about most via its proprietary algorithms. […]

Behind the Scenes of IHOP’s Social Media War Room (AKA Short Stacks on Deck)

So were you like me and missed out on your free pancakes at IHOP this Tuesday? Since 2016, the breakfast chain has offered a free short stack to hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide for National Pancake Day, and not surprisingly, it happens to be one of their busiest days on social media. With clever, […]

Twitter Just Got a Lot More Customer Service Friendly

Twitter has been on a roll recently and one of their latest features that hasn’t gotten many headlines relates to their customer service efforts.

Consolidation will ultimately benefit GSU

First impressions aren’t always right.

First impressions on the GSU merger

As a recent Georgia State alum, I was more than a little surprised to find out that Chancellor Hank Huckaby is soon expected to present a proposal to the Board of Regents recommending that Georgia State merge with Georgia Perimeter College.

WRAS “Partnership” Threatens Integrity of the Station, Creates Dangerous Precedent for GSU Student Media

(ATLANTA) Staff members of WRAS were shocked yesterday morning to find out that the student-run station is scheduled to shift in June to an all-new daytime news format managed by Georgia Public Broadcasting that will supplant original student programming.

The Day the Music Died

Why the GPB “partnership” is a death sentence for WRAS and why we must take action to preserve the integrity of student media overall

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